Port of Yantian China – 10 Interesting Facts

10 Interesting Facts About the Port of Yantian

Yantian Port is one of many bustling ports in China, with its own unique history. The port is a busy and popular one, with a lot of development expected to begin over the next year. We take a look at 10 interesting facts about the Port of Yantian.

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1. In 2018, the port recorded a container throughput on 14.39m TEU, which accounted for around 55.9% of the total container volume of Shenzhen port. This makes it the busiest foreign trade cargo transportation hub in south China.

2. There are plans for the port to build a 200 000-tonne class advanced automated terminal which will enable it to further support the development of the local transportation hub.

3. Yantian is the preferred port of call for mega container vessels in South China. Over 30 major shipping lines operate around 80 weekly services at the port, establishing an extensive shipping network that extends around the globe.

4. The port was first opened in 1994, and has since grown to become an important international terminal in the South of China. Maersk Algeciras, the first ocean-going container vessel called at the Port on 20 July 1994 and this marked the start of official operations.

5. As one of the top four deep-water ports for international cargo ships in China, it is a rare natural harbour that has deep water, calm sea and no silting, allowing large ships to enter and exit easily.

6. The port facilities include 20 deep-water container berths, 85 quay cranes, 241 gantry cranes and a terminal area of 417 hectares. The depth alongside is 14-17.6 metres, the waterway depth is 17.6m, and the berth length in use is 9,078 metres. The port also boasts a 24-kilometre railway called Pinghu-Yantian.

7. The achievements of the port have resulted in some major awards, including 2005 Best Container Port in China and The Best Global Container Port of the Year 2005-06.

yantian port

8. The Yantian District has been built as the largest port-vicinity warehousing base in China. It has 42 port-vicinity logistics warehouses with gross storage area of 1.46 million ㎡.

9. Located at the coast of Mirs Bay and east of Shenzhen city in China, the port includes two parks, which are the Yantian International Container Terminal (YICT) and Yantian Western Port (YWT).

10.The Yantian Port Free Trade Zone is one of the four development zones in the Shenzhen Special Economic zones, where specialised economic policies and regulations are exercised. The name of the zone was based on its location.

With some exciting and world-class developments planned for this already established port, we look forward to watching the Port of Yantian continue to develop and set standards for other ports around the world.

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