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Subsea Diving


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Oil and Gas Subsea Services

Rig Support Services

  • Full project management and turnkey engineering
  • Management of subcontractors and logistic
  • Dry-dockings and floating repairs
  • Conversions and modifications
  • Cofferdam design and repairs
  • Travelling repair squad
  • Propulsion and thruster overhauls
  • Cleaning, blasting and coatings
  • UWILD inspections
  • Class approved welding procedures
  • Heavy machining
  • Steel fabrication and repairs
  • Pipe fabrication and repairs
  • Engine overhauls
  • Mechanical and rigging
  • Electrical and control systems
  • Specialized welding
  • Crane rebuilds and repairs
  • Hydraulic installation and repairs
  • Jack-up leg and spud can repairs
  • Class approved underwater surveys
  • Mooring analysis
  • Mooring services
  • Mooring equipment procurement including a large rental stock
  • Pneumatic fenders
  • Modular steel fender barge units
  • Emergency standby fire pumps and hoses
  • Large shipyard gangways
  • Spooling Services / range of rental spare reels, jackstands and hydraulic spooling units

Subsea Diving Services

Subsea intervention services, Subsea Diving Inspection Services, ROV services, Air diving, Surface mixed gas diving, Saturation diving, Inspection class ROV



Ultrasonic flaw detection, Ultrasonic thickness gauging, Magnetic particle inspection, Trans ocean inspections, Chain calibration, Remote access, Pipelines, GPS surveys, Pigging, Cathodic protection, Corrosion coating, Repairs, Installations, Rehabilitation, Inspections


Specialized Inspections

Inspection of all fixed and portable lifting equipment on various subsea R.O.V./Dive systems


Inspections at Height

 Utilizing rope access for the offshore industry