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Maritime Activities – Ivory Coast


The Ivory Coast, or Côte D’Ivoire is a gorgeous seaside country in West Africa. With a rich history and many iconic buildings, museums, beaches and beautiful architectural structures, it’s a wonderful place to visit. We’ve put together some of our favourite Ivory Coast maritime activities to experience, once we are out of the woods with regards the current Coronavirus pandemic!

La Cascade Waterfall

Located just a few hundred meters on the road to Tonkoui, in the Western lands of Ivory Coast, is an amazing hidden gem. After following a winding path through a bamboo forest and coffee plantation, you will come to one of the most beautiful waterfalls, La Cascade. With huge mountains on either side and surrounded by cool forests, this waterfall is a truly unique jewel of the sea. This is a great place to enjoy a swim in the cool water, especially after your walk, and even just sitting by the falls and listening to that magical sound of the water is therapy for the soul! For those a little more adventurous, why not take a slide down the falls?

Ivory Coast Maritime
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Enjoy the Beaches in Grand Bassam

ivory coast maritime
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Think clear blue water, white sandy and palm trees! Grand Bassam offers some of the most beautiful beaches around, and the perfect escape from the hustle and bustle of city living. There are also coastal walks you can take to see more of the area and the coastline, enjoy some truly spectacular views. Grand Bassam was also selected as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2012.

Go Fishing

Abidijan is where you’ll find the Ivory Coast’s main port, and a hub of maritime activity. It is also a great place to go fishing. Sea trips can be organized for those who want to go out and do some deep-sea fishing and catch larger fish like swordfish and marlin, but you can also catch a lot from the shores of the lagoons, including mullet and sole. Boats and instructors are available to take you to the best spots and experience the best of fishing in Ivory Coast.

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Visit Ile Boulay

Boulay Island is the main island chain in the Ébrié Lagoon, located near the seaport and the Atlantic Ocean. The island is home to fishing villages that have preserved their architectural and social authenticity, having no phone lines, electricity and even running water for some. You’re sure to gain some insight into what the fishing villages in the Ivory Coast were like many years ago. The area has preserved much of its nature and natural sites of great beauty, and there are also a few resorts to enjoy a meal or some water activities at.

With so many Ivory Coast maritime activities to choose from, we hope to provide our maritime lovers with some great options to add to the bucket list.