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Port of Algiers


Port of Algiers

1. Algeria, where the Port of Algiers is found, is the second largest country in Africa (after Sudan), and the 11th largest in the world. However, given the geography of the country, only 12% of the total land is inhabited. More than 90% of the population lives along the Mediterranean coast-lands.

2. Algeria’s industrial focus is on Petroleum, natural gas,light industries, mining, electrical, petrochemical and food processing.  The country has also been accredited with the biggest oat market in Africa, and also grows large amounts of olives, tobacco,wheat, barley, oats and citrus fruits and a major exporter of figs, dates, esparto grass and cork moving through the Port of Algiers 

3. The major export product of Algeria is Fossils fuel : The country is the largest exporter of propane/butane in the world.

4. The highest weather temperature that was ever recorded in Algeria is 60.5 Celsius.

5. The Port of Algiers is the capital and main seaport of Algeria in northern Africa and stretches for ten miles along the Bay of Algiers. Its name comes from the Arabic word al-jaza’ir, meaning “the islands.”

Port of Algiers

6. The port was founded by the Phoenicians and Roman in approx. 300 BC who also established small ports  40km- 60km apart due to the dangers of nightie navigation of the many reefs along the coastline.

7. Being the most important seaport in North Africa, the Port of Algiers is an important economic, financial, and commercial center for the country. Despite this, the Port of Algiers has one of the highest costs of living in Africa.

Port of Algiers

8. This port is centuries old, but the port in its current format has mostly been developed over the past century. The Agha Basin of the port was finished in 1914 with the Mustapha basin being constructed between 1914 and 1940.  The harbor station for the Port of Algiers’ El Djasair wharf opened in 1953, and the Skikda wharf was built in the early 1960s. In the late 1980s, the wet dock of Calvi was added and the Port of Algiers gained six new roll-on/roll-off ramps.

9. The most recent development  is the start of a US$3.3 billion deep water port facility project located in the industrial zone of El Hamdania, 70 km west of Algiers. The port is being developed by China Harbour Engineering, and China State Construction Engineering Corporation, who combined will hold a 49% stake in the operating company. The remaining 51%stake will be taken by the Algerian Ports Authority. Construction started in 2017 and is set to complete Phase 1 in 2021, providing 23 berths.

10. Algeria carries out 95% of its economic trade by sea and for logistical ease of movement, this regioncontains 48% of the country’s factories and 55% of its industrial workforce.

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