Welcome to Port Of Call

Shipping and Civil Marine Specialists

Welcome to Port of Call

Port Of Call is a Shipping and Civil Marine specialist cc based In Durban, South Africa, with a global reach. We provide our clients with underwater expertise using reputable underwater diving companies throughout the world.

The managing members of Port Of Call Consulting, Nicola Willmott and Tammy Pearson, give the highest priority exceeding clients’ needs for high quality services. Their combined experience in the commercial diving world enables them to offer knowledgeable advice on the best port/s to conduct underwater services, based on your vessels trading schedule.

P.O.C maintains a high standard of workmanship during all diving operations carried out by underwater diving companies. These high standards run from the initial point of contact, through to the completion of the project, with feedback and advice given every step of the way. We apply strict safety guidelines and follow industry standards when vetting contractors, which allows for safe and responsible workmanship.

Our services

Ship Maintenance Services

Hull Cleaning, Prop Polishing, Anode Supply and Installation, Rope removals,
Blanking, Plugging, Sealing and Transducer Change-Outs.

Underwater Construction

Our service providers offer pre- tender consultancy services covering all
managerial aspects of underwater pipeline construction services.


Oil and Gas Subsea

Subsea intervention services, Diving inspection services, ROV services, Air diving, Surface mixed gas diving, Saturation diving, Inspection class ROV.

Acoustic Emission Testing & Corrosion Coating

A crack/flaw in a stressed structure will emit sounds. AE is a non-destructive
testing technique that “listens” to a material under stress.

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What our clients say

POC – A better partner to work with.

Maersk Tankers operates a large fleet of vessel which trade globally.
Working with reliable partners is the key to deal with toughest of jobs that Tanker business offers.
POC is trusted by Maersk Tankers to plan and coordinate underwater jobs.

Planning and executing any underwater job demands in-depth knowledge, proper liaison amongst parties involved and strict adherence to local regulations.
POC delivers on such parameters on every job offered thus making POC’s contact a frequently dialed number.

We are impressed with POC’s capability and consistency.

Maersk Tankers – Underwater Services

POC team is diligent in handling our queries. Prompt responses, cost effective services extensive reach and management of local service providers is their strength.


POC have been very professional, friendly with rapid response to our request for u/w services round the world, with economical prices for all jobs done so far for us. Also they have shown excellent communication service, but above all understanding the needs of the customer and adjusting to demand with always a positive attitude.

Lomar Shipping

Port of call offers a high quality service! We never faced any trouble with POC during the last years. All services were done punctual and have been met to our full satisfaction! We can recommend them without any doubt.

Vega Reederei

Port of Call Consulting is a Shipping Specialist cc that has been in operation since January 2009, and is situated in Kwa-Zulu Natal, South Africa.

We provide a specialized network in Maritime and Underwater Activities, concentrating mainly on providing our clients’ vessels with underwater ship maintenance services in all major ports in the world, by using reputable dive companies.

  • The managing members of Port of Call Consulting, Nicola Willmott and Tammy Pearson, give the highest priority to ensuring and exceeding clients’ needs for high quality services.
  • Port of Call maintain a high standard of workmanship during all diving operations carried out from initial point of contact to the completion of the project, providing our client with feedback every step of the way.
  • Port of Call branches off into other services in Africa, Diving Support for Civils projects, Ship Agency, on-board repairs and inspections and high-tech inspections on Tanks, LPG Spheres and Pipelines using Acoustic Emission Testing.

Our Services

Ship Maintenance Services
Underwater Construction
Oil and Gas Subsea
Acoustic Emission Testing & Corrosion Coating



It is the purpose of Port of Call to continue to provide an efficient, cost effective and quality service to our clients, thus achieving ultimate customer satisfaction on a global scale in the Shipping Industry and our other undertakings.
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