The Grand Canal

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The Grand Canal in China is a UNESCO world heritage site and the longest canal or artificial waterway in the world. According to UNESCO’s website , the Grand Canal is a vast waterway system in the north-eastern and central-eastern plains of China, running from Beijing in the north to Zhejiang province in the south. It’s history […]

5 Things We Hope For In 2018

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5 THINGS WE HOPE FOR IN 2018 Resolutions are old school. Let’s be real – how many have you ever really kept? So all have hopes though, don’t we? As a company operating globally in the shipping and maritime industry, in this post we share not our resolutions but our hopes for the world as […]

Useful Shipping Maritime Resources Part 2

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USEFUL SHIPPING MARITIME RESOURCES PART TWO Welcome to the second in our series of useful online shipping maritime resources. In the course of researching material for our blogs and as a natural flow of our daily work lives, we come across many interesting and useful websites. We have chosen to curate the best few here […]

Five Things We Have Learnt Trading in a Tough Economy

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FIVE THINGS WE HAVE LEARNT THROUGH TRADING IN A TOUGH ECONOMY 1. IN A DIP, YOU GET THE OPPORTUNITY TO STAND OUT Perseverance is instrumental in surviving a tough economy, but we’re not talking about just sitting back and biting the bullet. We’re talking about being alert to your surroundings, to find the opportunity to […]

Ivory Coast Port Development

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IVORY COAST PORT DEVELOPMENT The Ivory Coast remains one of the better-developed countries of Western Africa, having seen a high number of infrastructure investments since the country’s independence in 1960, including Ivory Coast Port Development. The adjacent countries of Burkina Faso, Mail, Niger and Guinea rely heavily on the Ivory Coast’s strong transport network for […]

Maritime Superpower China

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Maritime Superpower China In its unique position, almost at the central crossroads of some of the busiest shipping lanes of the world, and driven by its export-orientated economy, China is emerging as a world maritime superpower. Interestingly, this emergence is not only because it has over the years built what are now 5 of the […]

Bushveld Rugby Festival Player Sponsorship

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Bushveld Rugby Festival – Payer Sponsorship Port of Call are proud to announce their sponsorship of young up and coming rugby player Kalan Pearson. Kalan currently plays U10 club rugby for the Crusaders Rugby Club in in Durban North, Kwazulu Natal, South Africa. Kalan has recently been selected by  the Durban Rugby Sub Union (DSRU) […]